all about moods

Today I am researching “mood.” It all starts when I run across somebody talking about the emotion ring on their hand. This brings back memories of mood rings created in 1975. This leads to mood lamps, similar to lava lamps of the past. Memories of happy, naïve days.

My interest is piqued and thus I turn to my friend, google, where I find 2,460,000,000 potential clicks.

In addition to mood rings and lamps, I find: fabrics  / music / literature / lyrics (not always family friendly) / poems for whatever mood you are in (link).

New to me, mood boards, what we used to call collages, collect and arrange randomly chosen material to evoke a concept.

Expanding the search further I find “moody”: blues / gardens / center / radio / analytics

Now I am curious as to the relationship between mood and emotion. Unlike emotions, moods are less specific and less intense, “a temporary state of mind or feeling.” Examples: music, art or literature that induces or suggests a transitory feeling.

With my understanding and lexicon upgraded, listening to Elvis’ Moody Blues, I’ll soon have my very own mood ring and lava lamp.

Oh, Moody blue,
Tell me who I’m talkin’ to
You’re like the night and day
And it’s hard to say
Which one is you.

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