writing prompts

While perusing for my other blog site, I found a picture I love, and now I have to find something clever and witty to write about it.

So, I have decided to call it a writing prompt. Starting with, “What does it evoke in the senses?,” “Do I have any related memories?,” “What does google say?,” “What is the dictionary definition?,” “Could I write a poem exploring?”  

Once a staple in my car, home, office, multiple places… Here in the southwest, I haven’t used an umbrella in several years. The last time it rained, not only could I not find any umbrella, I couldn’t remember how to turn on my windshield wipers.

Now as I am at a writer’s impasse, I’ll share some umbrella history. Invented 4,000 years ago, used in all major ancient civilizations, initially to provide shade from the sun, coming from the Latin root umbra, meaning shadow.

(Public Service Announcement) Writer’s prompts help authors overcome blocks and stay committed to writing, even when it is a struggle to get just a few words on a page. Not only that, creative writing helps strengthen and stimulate your brain, improving recall and retention, preventing cognitive impairment.

For those of you who have ever had the inkling to write, please do it. We want to hear your story. Some tips:
– Experiment with other forms of writing: poetry, blog, review, letter
– Change ambience: music, nature, a different chair
– Don’t edit as you write, keep your inner critic at bay

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