adventures in probiotics

Isn’t google grand? I have just found out, I have been misinformed. Among other things, the great benefits of eating more fiber, the gospel I’ve striven to live by most of my life, is wrong. I am just clogging up my whole digestive track.

Apparently, I need more probiotics. I am determined to keep up with current thinking as I age, so what could be the harm? Well, in short, it helps to stay pretty close to the loo, lavatory, toilet, restroom – you get the picture.

Now I see that oatmeal is really bad for you. Shall I ditch my books on Creative Cooking With Oatmeal? What about the box of thirty-five individual packets in my pantry?

I have decided to consume all of that oatmeal, because, I also care about the environment, and starving people in Africa.

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