knitting blind

Like my mother before me, and my grandmother before her, I come from a long line of knitters.

I, however, have added a new, though unwanted twist – visual impairment (due to multiple retina surgeries and complications).

Having not attempted (a heretofore relaxing hobby) for over a year, something possessed me to take up my needles and “just do it.” For some reason, I chose socks. Now I have never made anything that small before. I guess I was thinking it would be a smaller project, maybe easier.

With thin yarn and thin four pointed needles, my journey began, as did my frustrations. By some stroke of good fortune, I am blessed with a cousin who spent many years as a visual consultant. Her tips have been helpful.

– Get one of those special lamps
– Use contrasting colors (yarn and needles)
– Use your fingers more
– Go slower, it will take longer
– Get special tool to pick up dropped stitches
– You might want to use thicker yarn and larger needles
– Be patient

May you find time for one of your hobbies, or take up a new one. I share with you my ultimate tip, with thanks to Aesop, “slow and steady wins the race.”

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