monday morning

I’ve been racking my brain, trying to think of something to entertain you. The best I can come up with is a public service announcement: “Take Care of Your Vision.”

This will help you avoid some of my experiences, including:
– overflowing the water revisor in my Keurig
– putting spaghetti into the pot and missing
– wearing different shoes
– mistaking body cream for body wash
– people thinking I’m winking at them, when I’m just trying to focus
– flooding resulting from: pouring drinks, filling watering can, filling the fish tank
– grocery store: running into others, misreading labels, inability to self-checkout
– jig saw puzzle: can’t tell if the pieces really fit
– misuse of screwdriver and other tools
– mishaps sewing and other craft making: they deserve a blog all to themselves.

To refresh your memory, for the past 3+ years I been living with eye surgeries and continuing anomalies. Apparently, I have an autoimmune disorder that affects only one eyeball. Thankfully, I have much resiliency, fortified by a great sense of humor.

The life lesson I am learning: Be thankful for what you do have. My right eye still functions well, and as I sit on my patio this morning, I’m communing with nature, my plants, and humming birds. May you also find something to be thankful for this Monday.

One response to “monday morning”

  1. Even after writing that, this morning, I poured water into my Keurig reservoir, before removing the lid. Not to worry, I have accumulated a big pile of soak-up cloths :).


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