i’ll take Rubens

It’s Friday and I am going to have to rant a little bit. I am so tired of America’s obsession with ultra thin, anorexic glorification, while bombarding us with unhealthy food ads and unattainable photoshopped goddesses of thinness.

Full disclosure, I have spent most of my life watching my weight climbing up and down the scale, enough to have climbed Mt. Everest multiple times over.

This all started with the super model Twiggy. I have decided it’s time for a little history lesson, via the art museum, where we find Peter Paul Rubens has been painting round, plush women to look beautiful since 1698. Thank the stars for google, where a quick search found what I was trying to say, only with more eloquence (you can read it here).

My gosh, Twiggy’s 73 now. So, if you please, give this unnatural psychoses a rest. Maybe you too would prefer a Rubens model.

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