today’s moral

I have an unusual plant of some sort. When I moved to a completely different part of the country, I bought plants that looked like they belong. It’s a great adventure. Neighbors walking by ask me what they are called, and I entertain them by telling them I have no idea, if they die, I just try something new.

Among my plants is an unusual cactus. It flowered once, then, one by one, the fleshy leaves turned brown and withered. I thought it was dead, but my stubbornness didn’t let me give up watering it.

Then, last week, to my utter surprise and great delight, a new stem shot up, and then a second floral stem, both spouting buds. As I wait for the flowers to appear, it occurs to me there is a life lesson here, complete with an encouraging moral.

Well, as I am not a cleverly witted, well written Aesop, I’ll let you find your own “beauty for ashes,” and draw your own life application.

Perhaps you need to be encouraged to live through, keep looking for small pleasures, perhaps smile a little, think of something good and enjoy it. Perhaps, some of you need to write a blog, or the next chapter of your life. Or maybe, as in my case, start a whole new volume or series. After all, life is just stories that can be used to help us grieve, heal, encourage and help others.

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