soliloquy in green

A day to recognize and salute green. I’ll get you started (actually it’s tomorrow, I just checked the calendar)

greenhorn / greenback / green thumb / green with envy / green light / grass is greener / green around the gills / go green

How Green Was My Valley – Richard Llewellyn
Anne of Green Gables – Lucy Maud Montgomery
Green Hills of Africa – Ernest Hemingway
Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Seuss
Fried Green Tomatoes – Fannie Flagg
The Green Mile – Stephen King

Soylent Green / Green Hornet / Green Berets / Green Card

‘The Color of the Grave is Green’ – Emily Dickinson
‘The Green Linnet’ – William Wordsworth
Now Spring Has Clad the Grove in Green’ – Robert Burns,
Make It Green – Misha Raichandani

Green, Green Grass of Home
God Didn’t Make Little Green Apples
Green-Eyed Lady
And my personal favorite, courtesy of Kermit, It’s Not Easy Being Green

Then, there’s the orange conundrum. But, I just found out….

“Traditionally, the green represents the Catholics of Ireland, the orange represents the Protestant population and the white in the middle symbolizes the peace between the two religions.”

A bit of much needed peace for today. Enjoy!

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