3 am

For fellow 3 am waker-uppers. I have discover waking up at 3 a.m. is not uncommon and has been thoroughly investigated (google is the absolute truth for successive generations and I am learning to comply)

Here are some possibilities to consider:
– You are cycling from deep sleep to lighter sleep
– Finally, less noise, less use of electronics, and you can relax
– It’s a result of unresolved or unconscious anger, frustration, stress, anxiety
– Cortisol plays a key role in sleep patterns and levels increase between 2 and 3 am
– Your brain notices, creates a link, believes there’s something important, keeps waking you up
– High sugar diets lead to shallower sleep and more restlessness
– Chinese clock corresponds to organs and liver time is 1-3 am
– You are working on your spiritual path, messages and guidance
– It’s the “witching hour,” and offers the most access to your natural state of being.
– You are not distracted by the chaos of physical world, your mind and body are more attuned to the spiritual
– Biblically speaking, God sends messages in dreams

Personally, I prefer Snoopy’s Philosophy, “If you think about something at three o’clock in the morning and then again at noon the next day, you get different answers.”  (~ Charles Schultz, 2018)

Miscellaneous Sleep Info:
– Sleeping through the night is a myth
– 3 a.m. awakenings may be nothing serious
– It’s very recent in our history that we’ve asked ourselves to sleep for one solid stretch of time
– Eating sugar late at night stimulates the brain, winding you up instead of calming
– Sugar depresses magnesium which is needed for sleep
– Manage stress throughout the day is key to sleeping well at night

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