Leap day suggestions:
– end a toxic relationship, the anniversary remembrance comes every 4 years
– find something that costs or ends in 29 cents
– get 29 dollar bills and spend frivolously
– get a jump rope or small trampoline and leap 29 times
– walk 29 steps 29 times (that’s approximately 900 steps)
– donate 29 items to charity
– smile at 29 strangers
– spend 29 minutes meditating on something beautiful in nature
….. you get the idea

I am ready for this extra day with: a new lounging shirt, new jigsaw puzzle of imaginary animals, a new tv series I am binge watching, and bunny crackers (to leap into my mouth).

Oh – hang on a minute – I just checked the calendar – leap day was last year. We are in 2023. I’m settling for March 1.

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