advent: the big picture

It’s easy, dare I say human to get caught up in the dailyness of living. You know – finances, family issues, food, house cleaning, car maintenance, work obligations, pets, health, time for meditation – just getting through the day and foreseeable future.

Then we see Scripture challenging us to live beyond tunnel vision. We are asked to pause our momentary agendas, dramas and grievances; to expand our thoughts to a fuller, richer picture. [Digesting this, I am currently taking many deep breaths, trying to focus, drinking my chai tea latte, bundled up because it is rather cold this morning.]  

Jesus’ stories and sermons invite us to focus on a bigger picture – that of “the kingdom of God.” Reading through parables, stories and metaphors, we are guided to things transcendent. Pointing out the connection to daily earthly life, in the light of eternity, He prays that the mystery of “earth as it is in Heaven,” would be understood by us. 

In the Latin we say, “sub specie aeternitate.”  “In the light of eternity will this really matter?”  Knowing there is one Great Drama brings new energy and focus to everyday plans, actions, emotions, hurts, addictions.

Join me in taking a few moments to let passing things become manageable in the light of the whole of eternity.   

Daily Meditations for Advent (Richard Rohr, 2008)

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