advent: utopia

We are told in the Scriptures that “the Kingdom of Heaven is among us.” As I look around, I’m not seeing the Eden of Paradise. I see religions promoting reward systems with the promise of a future utopia.

It appears easier for mankind to obey religious laws and rituals than to accept the transformation offered by Jesus. Accepting His Lordship is for now, yielding personal control, power, success, wealth, popularity. Easier said than done, at least for me.

Safety nets become secondary: our national institutions, national security, wealth, possessions, reputation. These systems are limited and will pass away into the oblivion of history.  If you believe man’s social systems will accomplish peace and justice, you will end up bitter by the second half of your life.

With the transformative light of Jesus, we continue working inside institutions, neighborhoods, churches and families, promoting social good and justice, bringing rays of hope.

[I wrote it, but it sounds so “preachy.” I don’t know about you, but I am just getting through each day to the best of my ability. Lighting my newly restored advent candles, listening to traditional carols, in front of my electric fire place. I’m adding cookies tonight.]

Daily Meditations for Advent (Richard Rohr, 2008)

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