advent: waiting

The word advent derives from the Latin adventus, meaning coming, arrival. For Christians, advent is a time of reflection and expectation.

As Christians, we are admonished to live in a state of “non-fulfillment,” believing perfect restoration (personal, family, societal, nature, etc.) is promised to come in the future.

Demanding the future we want leads to frustration, dissatisfaction and anxiety. Likewise, dwelling on the “whys” of suffering and pain leads to narrow thinking, causing us to miss deeper personal and historical understandings.

This advent season encourages us to live without resolution of problems, being patient, trusting, content and even happy, knowing our Source. This is a time to contemplate God’s grace and the future He has created for us.

As we are patient, surrendering to hope, we say, “Come, Lord Jesus,” trusting He will come. Just as He came into our past, He comes into our private dilemmas, and into our suffering world.

“‘Come, Lord Jesus’ is not a cry of desperation, but an assured shout of cosmic hope.”

Daily Meditations for Advent (Richard Rohr, 2008)

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