advent: living in darkness

We must accept darkness surrounds our lives, acknowledging this earthly darkness will never go away.

We must also remain hopeful, shining a light in the darkness (hunger, poverty, contentiousness, killings from womb to tomb, etc). This is not giving in. Hope is transformation through the risen Christ. We must receive this Light, then spread this light creatively and courageously, shining in the darkness.

Do not give in to darkness, pretending it is acceptable. Use discernment, never accepting darkness masquerading as light. Reject anger which mirrors darkness. Rather, overcome darkness, living and working in the Light that lights our lives and work.

With hearts passionate to conquer earthly suffering, never doubt the Light of God is always with you. “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14)

Daily Meditations for Advent (Richard Rohr, 2008)

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