the problem of christmas

I have fond memories of Christmas past, from my family of origin, as well as with my young family.

But then, a while back, problems began within Christendom. Traditional symbols connected up to pagan rites, a portion of believers condemned, and indeed did not participate in Christmas celebrations.

As I scaled back my over-the-board enthusiasm, I was left with a somewhat empty feeling. My Christian beliefs are important to my daily life. There is no other scheduled time to celebrate and give thanks for my core beliefs.

Then I read Christianity is no longer dominate in western civilization. In Great Britain, they are floating doing away with Christmas [leaving much to ponder where it all went wrong.]

[remembering my brain works a little bit differently] So I thought this would be a good year to bring back a tradition. I found an Advent Wreath, complete with battery operated candles, three purple, one pink, and one large white for the middle, along with a book, Daily Meditations for Advent (Rohr, 2008). [All on sale as I am a few weeks late.]

With the world trembling around, I’ll be sharing what I am reading, focusing on looking at Christmas beyond sentimental “waiting for the baby Jesus to an adult and social appreciation of the Incarnation of God in Christ.”

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