bathroom cleaning by accident

(subtitled) the wisdom of following advice

Advancing in age, being of limited means, I conscientiously seek advice regarding gum preservation during dental visits.

You may ask, “What is the connection between dental advice and bathroom cleaning?”

Well, I was advised to purchase a waterpic. Seconded by my niece, a dental hygienist, this would be advisable, she also generously provided some specific user tips; choosing one for individual use, emphasizing several times, “use it in the shower.”

Excited at opening this special box, not wanting to wait, I plugged it in, waited the requisite 24 hour charge time, filled with water, and, disregarding professional advice, turned it on, resulting in spraying water all over my bathroom before I could find the off button (remember my visual issues).

The next day, after reading the attached written advice, I tried it again, this time closing my mouth and leaning over the sink. With the same results, my bathroom got cleaned two days in a row.

This morning, my waterpic became my shower buddy!

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