winds of change

Most years I blurb a little on July 4th, listening to The Battle Hymn of the Republic (written during our horrendous civil war), contemplating our current culture, watching it sadly devolve, hurtling down the same path, repeating history.

I have observed the rendering schism, starting at top levels, down through institutions, churches, and families. I’ve experienced first-hand, family gatherings where members civilly put aside their views to come together for celebrations. I’ve watched the same family ripped apart, to the point of siblings with opposing views agitating their 92 year mother into having emergency transportation, almost dying.

I’ve moaned watching the worth and personhood of each individual get jettisoned out, influenced by hyped rhetoric on all sides. I ask, where is reasoning and logic? When did emotions completely take over to rip apart families, work places, institutions, government?

I will tell you now – be on the lookout for “Millennials Rising.” I have children and friends in this age group, in addition to my professor days, and this is what I observe.

-have become seasoned and mature, making decisions and life correcting changes
-have grown up not trusting institutions (government, education, religion)
-are strong in themselves, not swayed by rhetoric
-learned to research and apply logic along with a strong work ethic from their parents
-have analyzed their parents’ mistakes
-have adopted grounded moral ethics, with concern and assistance for others
-know the truth and futility of global hegemony and wars
-are the first generation to grow up with computers, internet, cell phones, ipads, etc.
-understand the flexibility, mechanics and workings of a post industrial age
-are raising their children to be responsible, thinking, compassionate citizens

So, join me in watching the wind blow in a revised way of thinking, living, working, worshiping, relating.

“Glory, glory hallelujah, His Truth is marching on”

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