knitting break

Still knitting blind (read the details), friends keep finding dispossessed bits of yarn at garage sales for me. I’ve made countless afghans and scarves until people begged me to stop. So, recently I’ve tried my hand at knitting socks. Garnering polite thanks, these quickly found their way into the nearest Goodwill dump box.  

With this latest batch of yarn, I stumbled across something called mitered squares.

Frustration sits in as I try to find printable directions in black and white, you know – words, with a few pictures. I’m stymied. You have to watch youtube videos. What? Is it true that people can no longer read?

OK, I’ve calmed down, climbed off my soapbox and capitulated, joining the blooming illiteracy, because, I really want to try making a metered square afghan.

[And please, could somebody tell whoever is in charge of spell guess, afghans can be spelled with a small “a,” thank you.]

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