author’s tips, #1 & #2

1) Don’t start a book and put it down for 3.5 years – unless you have a better memory storage system than I have.

It helps to have some motivation – which I found this morning, when, unexpectedly, people have liked my blogs. This is a shock to me – how do they find my ramblings?

Here’s a collection of tips I have put together as I assist my friend in getting a publishing company off the ground, which I have done successfully for another friend.

2) (following my own advice) Just write. You have a unique story to tell, people want to hear it.

[I just pulled out my Chapter 4 “Heavenly Layers” in my Searching for Paradise book for young readers. This might become my accountably space, although I am toying with the thought of starting a Discord channel for writers.]

Happy Writing! Happy Monday!

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