the day after (again)

Father’s Day – this holiday at least I should be insulated from emotions.

Then I find myself in tears, watching Dr. Who (#9, Father’s Day episode). Daughter, back in time, saving her father’s life, ultimately confronted with the truth, not the rosy image she created. Truth exposed, forgiveness, love expressed. I am dragged through memories of  my children, my naivety continuing to affect their lives. I come away believing resolution is still possible.

Then I find myself in tears again as I stumble across a Father’s Day Special, Croce sings Croce (Jim and his son AJ). I loved Jim Croce’s music, I still listen to it. In the 70’s, a plane crash cut short his life just as his music became popular. What I didn’t know is his son, AJ, was 2. At the age of 4, his mother’s abusive boyfriend left him blind (later on sight somewhat recovered). Playing piano by listening to his transistor radio, he became a gifted lyricist and musician. Later his house burnt down. His wife died from a rare heart infection leaving him to raise 2 children. He continued on. Just recently, AJ began playing some of his father’s music, a beautiful tearful tribute to his father.

Then I read details about his mother. Widowed with a young child, devastated, her partner with whom they had performed and written music together, recovered to re-write her life several times over.

I am not alone. You are not alone. Be encouraged by people honestly sharing truth, painful difficulties endured, courageously continuing on, rebuilding lives, living the next chapter of their life. I encourage you to write your story. You will help others on their journey
I Got A Name (one of my favorite Jim & and now AJ Croce)

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