Meet my companion Waldo (he’s the striped snail), a gift from my adopted daughter. I search for him often, and with my gentle coaxing, he has survived for three days.

He lives in the bottom of my two-tiered fountain (gift from a friend), which I am trying to turn into an aquaponic habitat, with mixed success.

I’d love to grow herbs on the top part, but they don’t want to cooperate. Nevertheless, I will make one more attempt.

And, I’m summing up all my bravery to try adding some fish, which I have read is necessary to get the biological filter going.

All this because, “Hobbies give you an opportunity to enhance your life.” They help you destress (waiting for that to occur) and still be productive. In fact, hobbies are a miracle cure as they: promote good health, lower blood pressure and reduce depression and dementia. What’s not to love?

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