the fixer

For all my fellow Martha’s. We organize. We get things done. We’re the glue that keeps families and work groups together and functioning. We look ahead and prepare for all sorts of contingencies. The world around us will collapse if not for us.

Why us? Perhaps it is our given gifts or personality. Perhaps we were the stability in a chaotic, dysfunctional family. Maybe we just like to bring order out of chaos.

Then we read, as I just did, “Mary just happened to be among the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” What? Because she rested in Jesus.

And I think, “Food doesn’t appear from nowhere.” “The house doesn’t clean itself.” “I do spend time reading scripture and meditating.”

Then I read, “You don’t have to fix everything.” I pause, take some deep breaths, relax, close my eyes and breathe some more. “God will be with you. You can rest.”

I continue with Psalm 131, “I have calmed and quieted my soul,” which leads fixers like me to rest, releasing anxiety which in itself, I acknowledge, is powerless.

I continue my day, still the planner and organizer, but from a peaceful heart. And I wish peacefulness to you as you go through your day today.
Small Book for the Anxious Heart: Meditations on Fear, Worry, and Trust (Edward Welch, 2019)

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