the day after

[This is for grieving mothers] To those of us who have survived another Hallmark Exploitation Day. This time for mothers who dread that special day magnifying our pain, longing, loss, grief, fear, exhaustion. With smiles pasted on, pretending we’re fine, indeed happy; once again, we call on our resilience to get us through.

To my women friends who have lost children through suicide, tragedies, misfortunes, calamities,  illness. To those watching their children on destructive pathways, or cut off for no perceivable or understandable reason. The myriad ways our hearts ache, despite desperate, beseeching prayers.

[Not to forget those contentious relationships with our own mothers and / or mother-in-laws. And, those grieving the loss of their mothers.]

I just want to say, “You are not alone.” In fact, by my informal survey, we are in the majority.

So, Mothers of the world, we support each other on our unique pathways, sending cyber hugs and love as we continue through this life.    

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