comments from readers

“We are anxiously awaiting your next book”

“Your Noah book was very interesting and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing!”

“I am enjoying your books. They are very fascinating”

“I have read your books. Noah is great. The Flat Earth took me a while because it rocked my world… Literally! I had to put it down and walk away some times. Not that I didn’t believe it. But personally I had to adjust to this new, almost “identity” it requires. Yet, the proof and documentation are convincing! I thought I would look it up on You Tube and Voila! Much support for the theory… So after a few days, I was used to it, and able to let go. (I think reading Noah again helped). Wow… Your courage amazes me. To write your beginning books and on controversial topics! So, thanks for letting me read them. ”