I believe we are here for a purpose; there is a Higher Being in charge even when life makes absolutely no sense. I also believe we are here in this time and space to become better people, to get rid of anger and fear; to forgive and move forward. 

my life in pictures

Having lived my life in the northeast and midwest, in retirement, I find myself in the southwest, loving exploring new geography, nature, weather patterns, gardening, culture, etc.

My life’s interests and passions continue. As a young child, I was passionate about helping others, especially those who were hurting or considered to be a bit out of the mainstream. This continued professionally with degrees and certifications in special education, edpsych diagnostics, counseling, marriage & family therapy; culminating with professorship and training others in these fields.

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember. My academic writing now concluded, I look forward to exploring new genres. I am also privileged to encourage and assist aspiring authors get published.

Hobbies: knitting, quilting, rug hooking, piano, walking, reading, plants, aquaponics, herbology. Looking to add: jewelry making, ceramics, drawing, Spanish

books I am reading